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The Environmental Benefits of Rail Travel

Recent research by consultant Paul Gridley for Train Chartering on behalf of a client taking delegates to an environmental conference has identified the lack of a single online source of the comparative benefits of rail vs. other transportation modes.

Trains: 70% Less Energy, 85% Less Pollution

A train uses up to 70% less energy and causes up to 85% less air pollution than a jet aircraft.

Planes: High Fuel Consumption

Aircraft taking off and landing use a great deal of fuel, producing extremely high emissions of CO2 per passenger; short 1 hour flights have the greatest environmental impact. Intercity trains are easiest on the environment for the equivalent journey.

Simon Pielow from Train Chartering said "Although everyone knows that air travel is polluting, comparing the resulting emissions with those of a train is startling! How can any environment-aware organisation use aircraft for charters & groups travelling between cities that are linked by an efficient rail service? Government and indeed the rail industry should do more to promote train travel as a greener alternative to flying."

An Opportunity For Business Travel Agents

Paul Gridley adds "Business travel agents are increasingly offering their corporate clients the ability to select which flight to book based on carbon impact. This activity now needs to include comparisons with rail alternatives in order to present the whole picture."

Train Chartering is working with Paul Gridley on the development of a data source comparing the environmental impact of rail with other transport options, and invites submissions from interested parties.

Carbon Reporting Benefits

With the overwhelming majority of FTSE 100 companies already undertaking carbon reporting, chartering private trains or carriages for group travel not only presents economic and logistical benefits but also environmental reporting benefits.

For companies committing to reducing carbon emissions and reporting on pollution, train travel can be an important contributing factor delivering real savings.

Finding Efficiencies, Reducing Wastage

Such reporting encourages companies to conduct an examination of existing business practices, finding financial savings by actively exploring how to reduce resource use.

April 2013: Carbon Reporting To Become Mandatory

From April 2013, reporting on greenhouse gas emissions will be mandatory for all businesses listed on the main market of the London stock exchange.

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