We have been Chartering trains & organising group rail travel since 1998. Real experience for the benefit of our clients.

Train Chartering has since 1998 provided private train charters and carriage hires to an extraordinary range of clients. Train Chartering operates mainly in the UK, Europe and North America – though we can arrange travel almost anywhere in the world.

Private Charter Trains

We focused from the outset on private charter trains, when the term 'train chartering' was not in use, even in the rail industry; now part of our registered trade mark, it is a generic term. 

Our extensive experience and wide contact base allows us to select the best first class or luxury trains together with a suite of on-board services, handling every detail from complex scheduling to food, entertainment and train branding.

Group Travel 

Train Chartering also provides private carriages and escorted group travel. This allows us to present a rail travel solution for most events or occasions for groups of 10 to over 700.

Luxury & VIP Train Travel

Train Chartering organizes tailored luxury train journeys for clients. From individual seats to exclusive rail cars / carriages and trains, we help you select and experience the world's greatest train journeys for your luxury adventure.

Passenger Transport Charter By Air, Land and Water

We operate VIP transport and offer ground handling & on-board services.

  • Why is 'How to get there' normally the last item on the planning agenda?
  • And 'Problems with transport' a de-brief issue after the event?
  • We provide full management for all forms of passenger transport


Train Chartering provides catering and other on-board services as well as facilitating the branding and theming of the private train or exclusive carriage. This creates a memorable and unique event for every rail charter.


We brand individual carriages to entire trains, such as the Soundwave Express, that travelled throughout Europe, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany and France, before ending the journey in Istanbul.

Most branding is however on a smaller scale, such as the provision of window signs or embroidered headrest covers.

Professionalism & Experience

The professionalism of Train Chartering's project and guest management services is unique in the rail industry; it is rare in the passenger charter sector on whatever means of transport.  We care for every aspect of your event, from first contact through to ground handling in stations and transfers to the post-trip event.

The Luxury Train Club

The Luxury Train Club – concierge for luxury train travel reservations & the world's greatest rail journeys. Member discount & more – free to join, subscribe to the Club newsletter.

Train Image Gallery

See train interiors, exteriors, layouts and examples of train theming, branding and how we can help you.

World Train Travel

World Train Travel – travel agents and individuals book luxury & tourist trains and buy rail tickets & passes worldwide.

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