Intermodal transport and destination clusters - the future for private charter travel

Train Chartering and BigAir have teamed up to present intermodal charters based on BigAir's novel concept of destination clusters, in which travel becomes a themed or itinerary-based journey.

BigAir and Train Chartering are introducing their partnership at the Luxury Travel Fair London, illustrated by reference to an intermodal journey incorporating the historical Silk Route, perhaps the earliest example of a destination cluster.

BigAir is a London based private jet airline and charter firm. Working on an international basis, BigAir provides an efficient, secure, and discreet travel service for clients seeking to maximize their effective time, whatever their pursuits.

Train Chartering has access to a stable of luxury and first class trains, which also includes Private Rail Cars and the Luxury Train Club. Transport Charter has for some time offered multi-modal passenger charter options for when a train is not appropriate.

Simon Pielow of Train Chartering is enthusiastic, "We have been innovators in chartered rail travel for over 10 years, presenting our clients with the best way to travel on earth; now, in partnership with BigAir, the sky's no limit."

Augusto Viansson Ponte of BigAir is a strong believer of this new concept, "We are delighted to announce the partnership with Train Chartering: the opportunity to offer a multi-modal charter option is a great addition to the answers that we want to propose to our clients".

The Train Chartering group is expert in the provision of luxury transport options, primarily in the UK, Europe or the USA; the client chooses hotels and other travel elements. This allows the focus to be on the crucial and often under-planned supply of transportation, preferably exclusively by rail or by other means.


For more information Simon Pielow, Train Chartering, +44 (0)1249 890176

Augusto Viansson Ponte, BigAir,, +44 (0) 845 838 0250

Notes for editors

  1. Press briefing notes for Train Chartering from +44 (0) 1249 890176 or email
  2. Press briefing notes for Big Air from +44 (0) 845 838 0250 or email
  3. Train Chartering supplies private charter trains and carriages
  4. Private Rail Cars provides private carriages (rail cars) in the USA and elsewhere
  5. The Luxury Train Club is a fusion of luxury train owners, member travellers and selected third parties.
  6. Transport Charter offers multi-modal passenger charters
  7. Intermodal transport involves more than one mode of transport; although to date the term is now commonly applied to passenger transportation, it is nonetheless appropriate for the seamless service required for luxury private charters.
  8. A destination cluster is a group of destinations linked by a common theme or a client-driven itinerary.
  9. Condé Nast Traveller is presenting the Luxury Travel Fair with British Airways.
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