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Train Chartering sends a Private Rail Car across
the US and remodels

Train Chartering has supplied a Private Rail Car for a return journey between Fargo ND & Seattle WA for an individual and his entourage. This charter coincides with the total redesign of

Train Chartering has sourced and managed the private use of a period rail car for the tailored 1,500 mile journey from Fargo, North Dakota to Seattle.

The rail car left Fargo recently on a route that allowed the six guests to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Cascade Mountains and the Rockies. Our passengers joined a cruise ship out of Seattle. The rail car was stabled pending the return to port, when our passengers rejoined the train for the return to Fargo.

Train Chartering supplied a rail car with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, dining room, kitchen and lounge. There is also the luxury of an open observation deck at the rear of the car, use of which is one of life's "must dos".

Simon Pielow is Managing Director and co-founder of Train Chartering with Fay Lejeune, Operations Director. He is enthusiastic about hiring rail cars, "Lounging in armchairs in your own rail car or standing on an observation deck traveling through North America while uniformed stewards serve cocktails must be one of the world's ultimate travel experiences."

Train Chartering's commitment to developing their rail car charter business is demonstrated by the re-design of, which has largely remained unchanged since purchase by the company in 2005. A key aim of the design is to present private rail car charters as simply as possible. In this way, inquirers who may be unfamiliar with rail will consider a rail car instead of, for example, a private charter aircraft or road transport hire.

Simon Pielow invites rail car owners to list their cars on "Listing is free of charge unless we place an order, when we hope for a 5% commission. We ask for good quality photographs, a car plan and other details requested in our car information sheet, available from"

Train Chartering ( is the pioneer of a coordinated approach to sourcing, theming and crewing special trains for upscale private travel, as well as for movie locations, corporate & private events, airport or cruise liner transfers. This full service project management approach is enhanced by guest management services from start point to final destination.


For more information: Simon Pielow, Train Chartering, +44 (0)1249 890176: private rail cars & private train charters with tailored journeys, in North America and worldwide.

Notes for editors

  1. Train Chartering promotes private rail car & train charter worldwide.
  2. Photographs of the rail car used & press briefing notes from
    01923-783 347 or email
  3. A private train is the most luxurious & secure way to travel on land. Train Chartering supplies the best train for the client, route and timetable.
  4. Trains are the ultimate way to travel on land. Virtually every president or monarch since the dawn of rail has preferred train travel to the roads where possible. Aristocrats, industrialists and movie stars have enjoyed being able to call up a private train. Using opulent rail cars for a tailored journey is the ultimate fusion of privacy, luxury, wealth and power.

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Train Chartering sends a Private Rail Car across the US

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