Adrian Booth Rail Film Consultant

Production List for Train Chartering's Adrian Booth

Adrian Booth Rail Film Consultant

Adrian Booth is the Rail Film Consultant for Train Chartering.

Adrian Booth productions include feature films & movies, TV ads and product promotions. He advises on locations for every type of train - intercity, commuter or luxury - from every railway age; as well as rail facilities such as stations, depots, yards or roundhouses.

Here are some of Adrian Booth Rail Film Consultant's principal productions for which he has advised about train and rail facility locations.

The list does not include some smaller items or those which are yet to be released.

Looking for a train or rail facility locations? Email him or call +44 (0) 7907 693477.

Index to Table of Productions

AD Advert
FF Feature Film
FFB Feature Film (Bollywood)
PRIME Amazon Prime

Facebook (2019 AD)
Ghimma (2019 FFB)
Surge (2019 FF) Ben Wishaw
Breeders (2019 SKY) Martin Freeman
EE (2019 - AD)
Defence of the Innocent (2018 BBC3)
Aadat (2018 FFB)
This Weekend Will Change Your Life (2018 FF)
Jack Ryan (2018 PRIME) John Krasinsky
The Good Liar (2018 FF) Helen Mirren Ian McKellen
The Romanoffs (2018 Netflicks) Credits
Killing Eve (2018 BBC)
Bodyguard (2018 BBC)
Unforgotten 4 (2018 ITV) Neil Morrisey
Leffe (2108 AD)
The Child in Time (2018 BBC) Benedict Cumberbach
Dr Oetker (2017 AD & promotion)
Unforgotten 3 (2017 ITV)
MacDonalds (2017 AD)
Marcello (2017 ITV)
Peter Rabbit (2017)
Rosamund Pilcher (2016)
National Lottery (2016 AD)
Dreams (2016 AD)
MacDonalds (2015 AD)
Humans 2 (2015)
Doc Martin (2015 BBC)
Betway (2015 AD)
London Spy (2014 ) Ben Wishaw
Rosamund Pilcher (2014)
Glue (2014 C4)
Paddington (2013)
The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries (2o14)
About Time (2013 FF)
The Railway– First Great Western (2012 / 2013)

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