Luxury Train - Eastern & Oriental

The Luxury Train Club presents the Eastern & Oriental Express. "A quarter of a mile in length, the Eastern & Oriental Express luxury train recaptures the golden age of rail travel through one of the world's most beautiful and exotic regions. Gourmet cuisine, personal service and luxuriously appointed cabins come together in delightful harmony whilst the train gently travels through the sounds and sights of tropical forests close to the earth's equator. Accommodating 132 passengers in 66 air-conditioned cabins, the Eastern & Oriental Express is a truly unique way to explore South-East Asia and a remarkable celebration of any special occasion."

Grand Hibernian

The only luxury train in Ireland, Belmond Grand Hibernian will roam the Irish countryside, track dramatic coasts and visit the fascinating cities that have created the very idea of this entrancing land. Hibernia is a term from classical times, being the Latin name, originating from ancient Greek, for the island that became Ireland. The Grand Hibernian is likely to be a classic in its own right, drawing on Belmond’s ancestry and current trains. The luxurious sleeper train will have accommodation for just 40 guests, travelling in 20 elegant, en-suite cabins. Belmond Grand Hibernian luxury train club Featuring four interconnecting suites, the Grand Hibernian is ideal for families; multi-generational holidays or perhaps a voyage to discover Irish roots beckons. There will be two restaurant cars and an observation bar car. The train has been planned by JPA Design, with inspiration from Dublin’s classic Georgian architecture, blended with elements of ancient folklore and tradition. The result proudly reflects the country’s cultural heritage with an indulgent, contemporary twist. The train will be as Irish as the Belmond Royal Scotsman is Scottish.

Luxury Train - Hiram Bingham

Having travelled from far away, don't you owe it to yourselves and your shared memories to arrive at Machu Picchu, roof of the world, in Orient Express style?

Luxury Train - Northern Belle

The Northern Belle roams the English, Scottish and Welsh countryside, spreading the good news that luxury rail travel is back, with all the fine dining and superb service one would expect from a train with an Orient Express pedigree. ABOUT THE TRAIN A journey on the Northern Belle is more than just a day trip as you travel back into the spirit of 1930’s through the full glory of the British countryside. The Northern Belle carriages of the Orient-Express provide the ultimate in stylish and enjoyable day excursions and short breaks from major stations throughout the UK, creating a special memory for a special occasion. Lavishly furnished with specially commissioned fabrics, intricate marquetry and glistening brass, every exquisite detail sets the scene for your dalliance with the romance of travel, within carriages that create a country house atmosphere. Accommodation Each of the six carriages seat 42 and contains tables of two and four with plenty of room for guests to move around and enjoy the sociable atmosphere. The carriages are named after British castles or stately homes. The fine meals are freshly prepared and complimented with champagne and wine, impeccably served. Catering Menus feature the finest seasonal delicacies from the British Isles, coaxed into classic and innovative dishes by the team of chefs. Each dish is freshly prepared using the finest ingredients from mainly UK suppliers. Each meal is paired with the finest wines and indulgent extras. More than 150kg of caviar and 22,000 bottles of champagne are served on the UK journeys each year. Special diets are accommodated. Itineraries With day trips, dining experiences and afternoon teas, the Northern Belle offers a range of journeys and excursions as well as seasonal day trips.

Luxury Train - British Pullman

Experience the world-class Venice Simplon Orient Express style in one day on the British Pullman, with a wealth of journeys from which to choose, starting from and returning to London as well as other favourite cities and towns in Great Britain. The British Pullman takes its name from George Mortimer Pullman, an American, who in 1864 built The Pioneer, the first railway carriage designed with true comfort for the passenger. The later creation of the Pullman Car Company in 1882 led to his domination of luxury train travel in the US and later, Great Britain. Rail cars based on the principles of full-service Pullman rail travel were included in many trains across Europe. After a period of decline in the second half of the twentieth century, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express led the way in introducing the travelling public to the delights of luxury trains once again, resulting in this sister train that has carried Royalty and Heads of State around Great Britain. Step aboard and be taken back to the heyday of great train travel.

Venice Simplon Orient Express - VSOE

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express plies an original route of the fabled original Orient Express; panache, allure, continental charm, a heady mix of pre-war glamour and style deliver one of the world’s top train journeys. Certainly the best-known luxury train, travelling on the ‘Orient Express’ is considered an essential rite of passage for anyone seeking sophisticated experiences and life-long memories. NOW WITH GRAND SUITE AND PRIVATE BATHROOMS Certainly the best-known luxury train, travelling on the so-called Orient Express is considered an essential rite of passage for anyone seeking sophisticated experiences and life-long memories. The legendary Orient Express train is a work of art in itself and a true Art Deco icon that is famous the world over. Romance, adventure and the mystery of the past are all intimately bound up in journeys that visit some of the most alluring continental cites. As with many trains of this style, it is evocative of a more gracious, elegant age of travel. Delightful vintage cabins, gastronomic cuisine with delicious afternoon teas and exquisite four course dinners along with lively on-board entertainment make a journey aboard this iconic train one of the world's finest travel experiences. Photos: VSOE Ltd See more at:

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