Luxury Train - Great Southern Railway

"Great Australian Train Journeys: Experience Great Southern Rail's Great Australian Train Journeys with The Ghan, Indian Pacific, The Overland and The Southern Spirit. Our world-class rail journeys allow you to discover Australia from coast to outback. Welcome aboard." Photos: Great Southern Railway

Luxury Train travel - The Canadian

The new Deluxe Sleeper Plus Class is scheduled to be available in 2013. The cabin will have 50% more space, double bed, private glassed-in showers, flat-screen TV, leather sofa, small refrigerator, fine linens, plus a butler, room service, breakfast and tea served in your room, priority everything ––from check-in and luggage handling to dining car reservations. The fare includes all meals in the elegant Sleeper Plus class restaurant car, and you can use the famous 'Park' observation-lounge car at the rear of the train. The 'Park' car features a classic north American 'vista dome' upstairs, the bullet lounge at the rear (complimentary tea and coffee always available) and the mural lounge downstairs underneath the dome.

Luxury Train - Danube Express European Hotel Train

The Danube Express only carries 50 passengers, serving freshly prepared meals using traditional menus and served at a single sitting in the elegant Restaurant car. The Lounge enables you to enjoy relaxing drinks, and whilst dinner is served, your cabin is transformed into a cosy sleeping area. Your steward is on hand to bring drinks to your cabin at any time. All cabins have air conditioning and are ensuite, with a shower. So once on board, guests can relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of – from champagne receptions and delicious regional cuisine to engaging guides and sightseeing at every stop. Photos: Luxury Train Club and Danube Express

Luxury Train - Great Brazil Express

Descritpion to follow about individual travel on this special little train, as well as private chartering for special journeys in Brazil.

Luxury Train - Southern Spirit

"A journey of discovery through four states, exploring the Great Dividing Range and the Eastern Seaboard. The Southern Spirit takes you on a relaxing journey over six spectacular days, travelling through four states along the Great Dividing Range and our Eastern Seaboard between Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. On this new journey you will explore some of Australia’s most beautifully verdant landscapes at a pace that allows for the attention it deserves." Photos: Great Southern Railway

Luxury Train - Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific, with its blue engine, is an elegantly luxurious train with comfortable interiors. The modern suites with their wooden surroundings contrast to the fantastic retro-Edwardian décor of the dining car, all complete with panoramic windows for perfect observation. This wonderful journey takes in two magnificent oceans, the Pacific and the Indian. Whether the final destination is west to Perth or east to Sydney, there are many opportunities to leave the train and experience some of the region’s highlights, creating many memories on one of the longest train journeys in the world. What a wonderful way to cross a vast continent, in such luxury, enjoying meals whilst viewing the incredible landscapes. Photos: Great Southern Railway

Luxury Train - Hiram Bingham

Having travelled from far away, don't you owe it to yourselves and your shared memories to arrive at Machu Picchu, roof of the world, in Orient Express style?

Luxury Train - Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a fantastic way to experience Alberta and British Columbia. Travel through the majestic Canadian Rockies, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise whilst sitting in dome cars that create the illusion of being in the open as the train passes through spectacular scenery. There are over 45 unique train vacation packages ranging from 2 to 25 days on four distinctive rail routes, travelling by daylight thus ensuring the full impact of the Rockies. The three classes of travel, GoldLeaf with Fairmont Deluxe, GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf, offer an exceptional experience. GoldLeaf with Fairmont Deluxe and GoldLeaf Service are a similar service, the difference being the standard of accommodation. Other than that, enjoy a drink in reclining seats that rotate, whilst admiring panoramic views from full-length dome windows in the dome car, accessed from the dining car by a spiral staircase or lift. In the dining car guests can enjoy delicious cuisine prepared in the galley kitchen, whilst being able to admire the view through large picture windows. Wander along to the observation deck and stand outside whilst the scenery whistles past. SilverLeaf Service enjoys panoramic views in single-level glass-domed car. Relax in reclining, rotating seats whilst enjoying the stunning scenery. Delicious meals and refreshing drinks are served at seat.

Luxury Train - Namibian Desert Express

The Namibian Desert Express is a first class tourist train that travels through a beautiful part of Africa. It passes through the amazing landscapes of Namibia from the apricot coloured dunes of the Namib desert to the rough Atlantic coast line. As the lights of civilisation are left behind, spectacular sunsets give way to silent darkness under a blanket of stars, followed by a wonderful sunrise. On board you can enjoy the highest comfort, safety and first-class service with the company of a maximum of 48 guests. The interesting modern interior of the train was designed in colours and motifs of the country. Photos: Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH

Luxury Train - Majestic Train de Luxe, the Imperial Train

The Majestic Train de Luxe is based on the Imperial Train of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was inaugurated by Archduchess Maria Christina von Habsburg-Lothringen, descendent of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth. The philosophy of today’s Majestic Imperator Luxury Train is best reflected in the words of the Honourable Claudius von Klaudy, his Majesty’s Engineer at the end of the 19th century: "to provide the guests with an experience, which will forever remain a highlight in their travel memories."

Luxury Train - Pullman Orient Express

The Pullman Orient Express is now in a museum outside Paris - it should be out on the rails!

Luxury Train - Imperial Russia

Two Routes: 1. St Petersburg to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, via Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tobolsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk. This journey can be done in reverse. 2. Moscow to Beijing via Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Baikal, Ulaan Ude, Ulan Bator. This journey can be taken in reverse. Travelling in the luxury of the Imperial Russia train, passing by all the largest historical and cultural centres of the vast Russian Empire and beyond, and visiting many of them, is an incredible experience.

Australia in luxury trains

Luxury Train - Inca Rail

Luxury train journeys to and from Machu Picchu, including the Presidential car for private hire.

Al Andalus (Spain)

Al Andalus is a luxury train that operates on a number of routes in Spain. Book with the Luxury Train Club. The ‘Al Andalus’ itinerary travels through Andalusia in southern Spain, with visits to (amongst other places) Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda and Cadiz, thus taking in a wide sweep of Southern Spain, whilst being transported through stunning scenery from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the Atlantic Ocean. Andalucia today is the result of cultural influences that encompasses the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines and of course the Moors, all before the Christian Spanish era that has become modern Spain. This historical kaleidoscope has produced a number of World Heritage sites and cities, set in a varied and fascinating landscape, much of which is protected for its flora and fauna. The ‘Ibérico’ itinerary is Madrid to Zaragoza, or Zaragoza to Madrid, with a full programme of visits to perhaps less well known cities, sites and towns. This part of Spain is rich in military history, with many battles being fought over the centuries, not least the Peninsula War. The lounge, bar and restaurant carriages were built in France between 1929 and 1930 by the Wagon-Lits Company, and have now been restored to their original splendour, which is matched by on-board service, attentive without being obsequious. This is the epitome of romantic travel; Belle Epoque charm mingles with the comfort of the modern age, allowing the traveller to revel in the pleasure of the journey. Information about other journeys are on our website. It is worthwhile noting that the sleeper carriages have private bathing facilities for all suites – shower, toilet and wash basin.

El Transcantabrico Clasico (Spain)

El Transcantabrico Clasico and El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo - two very special luxury trains in Northern Spain. Train Chartering offers the whole train for private or corporate charters. The Luxury Train Club accepts individual bookings; families or small groups can arrange for their suites to be in private carriages.

El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo (Spain)

El Transcantabrico is the most luxurious narrow-gauge train in the world, travelling a scenic route through the north of Spain. All the suites have good-sized wide beds (for those under 6ft 2ins / 1.86m) and excellent bathrooms with the best showers we have seen on a train. The train remains in stations overnight, allowing passengers the opportunity for a good night’s sleep as well as the freedom to wander in the town. The catering staff and crew are attentive and friendly. Breakfast is on the train; most other meals are in local restaurants, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the regional cuisine of northern Spain. Train Chartering offers the whole train for private or corporate charters. The Luxury Train Club accepts individual bookings; families or small groups can arrange for their suites to be in private carriages.

Luxury Train - Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

This train is an hotel on wheels and the only fully en-suite train in Russia and central Asia. The Golden Eagle’s rail cruises allow one to travel in splendour amidst opulent décor. The panoramic windows ensure the best views of the passing countryside, whilst enjoying delicious cuisine. The drama that is created by sitting in beautiful surroundings, listening to a pianist playing Tchaikovsky whilst watching the gradually changing scenery could only be Russian. From the climb through the Ural mountains (the boundary between Europe and Asia), to the wide open steppes and broad rivers, travelling on the Trans-Siberian is the only way to truly take in the vastness and grandeur of the world’s largest country. Incorporating some of the world’s greatest railway journeys, the Golden Eagle travels through Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and more. The tours vary, some taking a leisurely two weeks for the journey, making sure you have plenty of time to take in and enjoy these voyages of a lifetime. Book the Golden Eagle on the Luxury Train Club. Hire private carriages on this trans-siberian train from Private Rail Cars. Charter the Golden Eagle from Train Chartering for private luxury charters across much of Russia and neighbouring countries. The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, a fully en-suite private train, serves the world's longest railway line and bring new levels of comfort and service to rail travel in Russia.

Golden Eagle - hi-res

Luxury Train - Indian Maharaja

Luxury Train - Imperial Train - Majestic Train de Luxe (Austria)

THE MAJESTIC Train de Luxe As you approach the train, the atmosphere of the past is redolent of romance and mystery. On boarding, one’s breath is taken away by the sumptuous elegance of a bygone era. These luxury carriages are based on the imperial train of the Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the Imperial Express. Surrounded by the splendour of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, one can enjoy the magic of days gone by. The Majestic Imperator journeys are accompanied by unforgettable Viennese waltzes.

Luxury Train - Maharajas' Express (India)

The Maharajas' Express is available from Train Chartering for private charter / hire. Individual bookings and group travel can be arranged by the Luxury Train Club. The train began operations in March 2010. It is claimed to be the finest luxury train in India,a new build, with modern amenities (a/c, WiFi etc), Indian / fusion cuisine and classic decor.

Luxury Train - Royal Rajasthan

The Royal Rajasthan is the crowned successor to the classic Palace on Wheels; both luxury trains, but the former apparently targeted at non-Indian markets.

Charter Trains - Orient Express (VSOE)

Train Chartering offers the private charter of all the trains featured in this set, which is of trains operated by VSOE Ltd, as well as private carriages. The photos and carriage plans (excepet for the Pegasus Bar car) are to be attributed to VSOE. The Pegasus photos are to be attributed to Train Chartering.

Luxury Train - Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman is available for private hire from Train Chartering. Private carriages or individual compartments can be booked through the Luxury Train Club or Private Rail Cars. "A journey on The Royal Scotsman takes you to the heart of the Highlands, through landscapes of towering, pine-clad mountains reflected in mirror-still lochs. Just 36 guests travel through Scotland’s finest countryside in private cabins, with an open-deck observation carriage behind. Life on board this luxury train is relaxed and indulgent, with gastronomic dining and the convivial atmosphere of celebrating with friends. After dinner, over a wee dram, a local clansman recounts tales that bring Scottish history alive. Along the way, guests disembark to meet local personalities, talk to experts on subjects from salmon fishing to whisky and take part in fun activities—truly a Scottish rail vacation par excellence."

Luxury Train - Royal Canadian Pacific

Queen Elizabeth II travelled in one of the Royal Canadian Pacific cars while still a princess, shortly after her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh. This train is as regal as they come, and the dedicated service provided by the professional staff is entirely appropriate. Relive the romance of rail travel, the way it was meant to be. Nostalgia is mixed with elegance, grace and pampered luxury as one relaxes amidst this grandeur. The internal surroundings are exquisite and the external scenery is breathtaking. Travel in 5-star luxury on board this historically-restored fleet of railway carriages through the heart of the magnificent Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia. The Royal Canadian Pacific stops on the tracks every night, sometimes in the wilderness, enabling the experience and enjoyment of the Rockies in their entirety. Whether having dinner whilst looking out at spectacular scenery, cocktails standing on the Observation deck, or afternoon tea in the elegance of one of the lounges, this is travel at its most sophisticated.

Luxury Trains - Rovos Rail (South Africa)

Rovos Rail's unique train safaris through the heart of Africa combine some of the most magnificent scenery with the glamour and excitement of the golden age of rail travel. Step aboard the wood-panelled coaches - classics remodelled and refurbished to mint condition - and enjoy fine cuisine in five-star luxury as some of the most varied scenery imaginable unfolds beyond the windows. Recapture the romance and atmosphere of a bygone era, when privileged travellers experienced the magic and mystery of Africa in a relaxed and elegant fashion. The Royal Suites, each of which take up half a carriage, are spacious and elegant, measuring ±16 sq metres/±172 sq feet in size. Each has its own private lounge area and full bathroom with Victorian bath and separate shower. The Deluxe Suites (± sq metres/±118 sq feet) also accommodate two passengers in either twin or double beds and have a lounge area and en-suite bathroom with shower. The Pullman Suites (±7 sq metres/±76 sq feet) are equipped with a comfortable sofa-seat during the day with a conversion to double or twin beds for the evening, and also have an en-suite bathroom with shower. The very spacious suites offer passengers the opportunity to travel in privacy, comfort and luxury, with fittings and facilities that are of the highest standard. All are equipped with a writing surface and a personal safe for valuables. There is also a bar fridge filled with beverages of the passengers' choice and room service is available 24 hours a day. Photos and graphics: Rovos Rail

Luxury Trains - The Blue Train (South Africa)

The Blue Train has an aura of mystique about it. Kings and presidents have travelled on this magnificent moving five-star hotel. Its very name has become synonymous with the ultimate in luxury and personal service. As the ever-changing scenery flashes past the windows, guests can savour exquisite meals freshly prepared on board by top chefs. The meals are complemented by the best wines South Africa has to offer. The suites on The Blue Train live up to its reputation for magnificence and splendour. The finest bed linen, marble tiles and gold fittings in the bathrooms and sheer opulence all ensure that guests will never forget the time they spend on The Blue Train. When you choose to travel on The Blue Train, you choose to travel in a world of grace, elegance and romance.

Luxury Train - Shangri La Express

SHANGRI-LA EXPRESS (CHINA) (5 nights on the Silk Road) Twin-berth cabins are comfortably furnished and traditionally decorated with the varnished wood and brass reminiscent of a different age. Each includes a ‘Pullman’ table and deep armchair alongside a large picture window. A state of the art shower car complements the two washrooms/WC’s in every sleeping carriage. Meals are served in the train’s restaurant cars, where dedicated chefs serve a western breakfast followed by a wide range of authentic Chinese specialities at lunch and dinner, using only the finest local ingredients. As well as soft drinks, tea and coffee, meals are accompanied by a selection of wines from around the world. There is a piano bar car, where a resident pianist is always happy to take requests. SHANGRI-LA EXPRESS CABIN INFORMATION HERITAGE CLASS 38 sq ft (3.6 sq metres) Sleeps 2 in bunk style beds Wash basin facility shared between 2 compartments Toilet/wash facilities are available at the end of each sleeping carriages Separate state-of-the-art shower car with individual compartments. Each compartment features shower, mirror, hairdryer and changing area Towels, robes and slippers provided Towels and Linens changed regularly Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water in cabin Copyright: GW Travel

Luxury Train - Ghan (Australia)

The Journey This transcontinental adventure offers an unsurpassed view of Australia - North to South over three unforgettable days. Travel by rail between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin and you are embarking on one of the great train journeys of the world. Named after the Afghan cameleers who once traversed this route, The Ghan will take you from one edge of this continent to the other, through the very centre of Australia. A journey on The Ghan is an incomparable way to travel to the two jewels of Australia's Northern Territory – the Red Centre and the tropical Top End. No journey aboard The Ghan is complete without taking in both of these must-see destinations. The Ghan's timetable makes the most of the daylight hours to offer unsurpassed views of the passing landscape. From the sweeping Adelaide Plains unfolding before your eyes to the majestic Flinders Ranges, this first stage of the journey offers a perspective on South Australia you simply can't afford to miss. Each new day begins with a fresh panorama of this changing landscape. Red earth and cobalt blue skies – the essence of Central Australia takes on a character of its own with every passing hour. Leave the train in Alice Springs to tour locations close to Australia’s heart with Whistle Stop and Optional Tours. These tours, which last from a few hours to a few days, include an extraordinary range of opportunities for discovering the region’s most fascinating sites. Entering the Top End, the landscape mellows with subtropical flora staking its claim over the passing scenery. Whistle Stop Tours in the northern town of Katherine offer you the opportunity to experience the inspiring wonders of Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) before your rail journey concludes in tropical Darwin, the relaxed capital city of Australia's Northern Territory. Of course, you can always travel from Darwin to Adelaide - it’s just as impressive. Journey Overview Route: Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin Duration: 2 nights in either direction Distance: 2,979 kilometres (1846 miles)" From

Swiss Luxury Train

The carriages of this luxury train can be attached to regular Swiss trains, allowing passengers to enjoy luxurious travel through Switzerland and cross borders into Austria, Germany, France and Italy.

Luxury Trains - Deccan Odyssey / Indian Maharaja

What a lovely thought, a beauty salon in a train; an experience that is not quite of this world. The same could be said of some of the sites visited in Maharashtra.

Luxury Train - Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is chartered from Train Chartering; private carriages are available from Private Rail Cars; individuals book via The Luxury Train Club.

El Expreso de la Robla (Spain)

El Expreso de La Robla combines a vintage train with all the amenities of an hotel, at an affordable price. Discover the north of Spain on board a luxury train at a modest price, combined with an extensive off-train excursion programme. El Expreso de La Robla has two routes: one in spring and autumn through Castilla y León and another in summer through Galicia. Each journey lasts four days and three nights. El Expreso de La Robla has four sleeping cars, each with 7 compartments, all of which have an attached shower, wash basin and toilet. Each cabin has two berths, wardrobe, luggage carrier, reading light, air-conditioning, background music and loudspeaker and internal telephone. The train stops at stations at night to ensure you can get a good night's sleep or to allow you to visit the nearby town. El Expreso de La Robla has three air-conditioned lounge cars, with a permanent bar service and large windows. There is a free internet service. Breakfast is served in the lounge cars, but all other meals are enjoyed in carefully-selected local restaurants, allowing passengers to sample the regional cuisine for which northern Spain is famous. The lounge areas can be used for conferences, seminars and meetings, with a large screen, PC connection and loudspeaker system. El Expreso de la Robla is available for charter from Train Chartering or individual or group bookings from the Luxury Train Club.

Private Rail Cars - Northern Sky and Northern Dreams (USA)

Northern Sky – Sleeper Lounge with Dome Category Sleeper Lounge Car with Dome Facilities One master bedroom Three double bedrooms Three showers Observation lounge with rear-facing windows Dome lounge Kitchen for full meal service Stereo, TV, VCR, DVD, surround-sound home theater. Capacity 14 passengers by day, 8 days by night History Built by ACF IN 1955, rebuilt and redecorated; in continuous quality charter service since 1992.

Private Rail Cars - Luxury

Private Rail Car (Russia) - Приватный экипаж поезда

Train Chartering and Private Rail Cars arranges for these rail cars to be added to scheduled trains or to make up private charter trains.

Luxury Train - Shongololo Express

The Shongololo Express's unique touring concept eliminates interminable hours traveling long distances in a tour bus and alleviates the daily chore of packing and unpacking suitcases. Traveling comfortably and securely during the night, Shongololo Express trains save guests precious holiday time, arriving each dawn at a new and exciting destination. There is a fleet of air-conditioned touring vehicles which is transported in special wagons on the train. Professional multi-lingual guides (English, French & German spoken on board) are on hand to drive guests on inclusive, scheduled excursions. Their experience and wealth of knowledge assist passengers to gain the most from each day's programme. Shongololo Express provides a very special touring experience for travellers. From a warm welcome and transfer to the train at the start of the journey, to an exciting and varied program of touring, superb breakfasts and dinners on board, and a lounge full of new friends each evening - all these combine to create an unforgettable holiday.

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