Luxury Train Photos

This is a selection of luxury train photos. All the trains shown can be booked with the Luxury Train Club.

Belmond Luxury Train Club

The Luxury Train Club presents the trains of Belmond. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express plies an original route of the fabled original Orient Express; panache, allure, continental charm, a heady mix of pre-war glamour and style deliver one of the world's top train journeys. Certainly the best-known luxury train, travelling on the 'Orient Express' is considered an essential rite of passage for anyone seeking sophisticated experiences and life-long memories. Belmond British Pullman Experience the world-class luxury train style in one day on the British Pullman, companion to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, with a wealth of journeys from which to choose, starting from and returning to London as well as other favourite cities and towns in Great Britain. Imagine the delight of receiving one of these journeys as a gift. ​Belmond Northern Belle​ The Northern Belle roams the English, Scottish and Welsh countryside, spreading the good news that luxury rail travel is back, with all the fine dining and superb service one would expect from a train benefitting from the heritage of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. One of these journeys would make a special gift for anyone. Belmond Royal Scotsman The majesty of the Scottish Highlands is the appropriate backdrop to the journeys by the Royal Scotsman; its unique and gracious carriages would be the envy of any private train owner of 100 years ago, whether royal, aristocratic or industrialist. The Royal Scotsman is soon to have a partner of similar style in the Belmond Grand Hibernian, in Ireland. The Eastern & Oriental Express The Eastern and Oriental Express - superlative service, graciously offered, in the sumptuous surroundings of a luxury train from the same stable as the Venice Simplon-Orient Express; need one say more? Belmond Hiram Bingham Having travelled from far away, don't you owe it to yourselves and your shared memories to arrive at and overnight in Machu Picchu, roof of the world, in the Belmond style? Belmond Grand Hibernian Now is Ireland’s time, a Celtic awakening in the modern era. What better way to celebrate your Irish roots or to imbibe the very essence of the Emerald Isle than by travelling on the Grand Hibernian?

Private Rail Cars

A private rail car can be defined as having the sole use of a carriage already in a train or hiring a carriage that is attached to a train. Although economy (or coach / standard / 2nd) class carriages may be appropriate for a larger group, private rail cars are generally first or luxury class. Previous private rail cars have run for an LA movie press event, product launches, corporate incentives, family celebrations and celebrities, amongst other applications. Private Rail Cars offers small groups the opportunity to privately occupy complete carriages in the world’s luxury trains. The use of private rail cars within luxury trains allows clients to make use of established reception facilities in stations and other well-established service elements, which together provide a solid basis for the seamless delivery of a good experience. Many luxury train journeys also include escorted excursions of high quality. Private Rail Cars will arrange, on demand, tailored off-train experiences for its guests. Bespoke tours of this type can involve dedicated transportation and a personal guide. In addition, visits may encompass the particular interests of the private group. Although reasons for hiring a private rail car may be diverse, the feedback is universal; enjoyable journeys in secure privacy where the pleasure of travel is re-discovered, heightened by superb service.

Corporate Train Travel

Train Chartering's Corporate Train Travel collection. We manage private train charters, private carriages and escorted group travel for corporate travel as well as hospitality and incentive travel worldwide. We have organised private train charters and carriages of every description to many major sporting events. We are specialists in organising luxury train travel for groups of every size.

Luxury Train Travel

Train Chartering's Luxury Train Travel collection. We are the concierge service for luxury rail travel, anywhere in the world such trains exist. We will create the perfect environment for your VIP guests or close family and friends, whether in a private train or private carriage / rail car.

Group Train Chartering

We are large group train travel specialists. We transport groups of any size from 10 to over 700 passengers on one train, or up to 3,000 on multiple trains. We can reserve entire carriages for sole use. We offer a full range of group travel services including onboard catering and transfer travel. We arrange group train travel in the UK, Europe, America, or almost anywhere else where there is a passenger train service.

Case Studies

Train Chartering's Case Studies collection.

Trains for Weddings

Train Chartering's Trains for Weddings collection Wedding train chartering is an increasingly popular method of wedding transport. It is particularly suitable if you need to travel in comfort and style between two destinations some distance apart - whilst maintaining the celebratory atmosphere of your special day. Train Chartering opens up new possibilities for your wedding day, meaning you can hold a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception in quite different places.

Film & TV Locations

Train Chartering's Film & TV Locations collection

Other Transport Chartering Services

Train Chartering's Other Transport Chartering Services collection

Open Access Rail

OAR is an independent low-cost rail reservation and travel agent payment system for small and medium train companies world-wide, using the Internet. OAR provides travel professionals with direct access to Tourist train companies. OAR provides train companies with direct access to travel agencies.

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