Rovos Pullman Gold Suites
Pullman Gold suites are on long Rovos journeys from 1 January 2021. Regular Pullman Suites continue to be used on the short Rovos journeys. A few comparisons with the regular Pullman. he Pullman Gold suites are 600mm longer then Pullman and adds the same to the length of the overhead luggage rack. This extra length also allows the same lengthwise beds as the Deluxe accommodation. This has been a huge positive as guests can move freely without disturbing their partner. On arrival the bed layout will be two separate twin beds giving the opportunity to request double once on-board. This allows the extra space between the beds to be utilised and the bed against the wall to fulfil the role of a couch using pillows and scatter cushions as a backrest. The big asset during the day is that both guests can lie down at any time, especially after lunch, without having to call in the host/hostess to fold the bed down. The writing table which flips up is to be used by a guest sitting on the end of the bed. The advantage of having a fixed twin bed arrangement with the option of converting to a standard Rovos double versus the old fold out arrangement speaks for itself. Most importantly in the traditional Pullmans there have been negative comments about the one up one down bunk arrangement, especially from senior guests who have found climbing the ladder to the upper bunk a challenge. The upper bunk in Pullman is 600mm wide versus the 750mm of the new single beds in Pullman Gold. When the double is made up in the traditional Pullman there is a distance of 600mm to the bathroom wall while in the new Pullman Golds the fixed distance is 800mm. The hanging cupboard is 50% larger than the original design as are the drawers below. The space below the beds for linen or luggage is precisely double. The one window of the two in the suite is solid and tinted and being nearest the pillow is sealed to stop cold draughts and more importantly track noise. The window wall, due to containing no window winder mechanism has been filled with insulation which when combined with the solid window and unseen additional insulation below the floorboards has made the room considerably quieter. This improved insulation has also made the room much easier to heat or cool. The traditional Pullman is well-loved by guests all around the world and will remain the allocated Pullman suite for all short journeys. Please refer to Luxury Train Club website to see both layouts and floorplans.
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